About ShiftingLightPhotography

The word Photography comes from the Greek and literally means "Light Drawing"
Without light and its myriad tricks as it dances across our lives, there would be no need to capture our moments in time. Capturing that shifting light is what it's all about.

Hi, my name is Keith and I'm the multi award winning photographer that captures your moments in time, and does his best to make you look good while you are in that moment.

I love photography, I love light and most of all I love people.
My style is constantly developing and it's exciting to watching it progress. My photographs are as diverse as they are plentiful. Portraiture, weddings, landscape, fashion...just put it in front of me and I'll shoot it.

Please join me on my photographic journey. Be a part of it if you wish and let me capture your shifting light.

Do have a browse around my galleries and don't hesitate to contact me when you decide you'd like to be a target in my viewfinder.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, you'll find my contact details at the bottom of this page.